Blog: Landmark Foreclosure Defense Opinion Allows Us To Reverse Foreclosures

A new California Appellate case published on August 8, 2013, “Glaski v. Bank of America”, holds that a homeowner can challenge his lender’s right to foreclose by showing that the Deed of Trust never made it into the securitized trust until after the trust’s closing date. This is the case in most loans made in the last 12 years. If the bank foreclosed we should be able to get the homeowner money damages and/or the house back. Or a lawsuit could be filed and a court ruling obtained preventing the court from foreclosing.Recently enacted Sections 2924(a)(6) and 2924.19 of California Civil Code provide the same relief to homeowners.

It is highly suggested that homeowners take this window of opportunity to get relief before the banks get Congress to close this door with national legislation.

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Read the entire court opinion

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